"No, Y/N. Please, I can’t do this without you…"

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ONE TIME WONDER: Six civilians ➝ Layla Rourke (4/6)
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I love this blooper so much.

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30 days of Supernatural → Day 27: An episode that scares you

↳ Scarecrow (S01E11)

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essentially a flower crownless version of this post

as always you’re free to use so long as you like or reblog. credit isn’t necessary but appreciated nonetheless ^.^

i’ll probably end up making one with solid colour backgrounds in a few hours/days/weeks idk

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let’s play 'how many expressions can Jared change in one second?'

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Paradise comes at a price

That I’m not prepared to pay

What were we built for?

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Samuel: You must be the guy pretending to be their father. 

Bobby: Somebody ought to.

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I always tried to protect you… keep you safe.

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